Nova About Us


Every Nova customer gets that extra level of comfort knowing that when you buy a Nova Caravan, you deal with a national organisation that can support you anywhere in Australia. When you combine this with our award winning innovation, knowledge and expertise, – then we know that even the most discerning buyer will find what they are looking for with a Nova Caravan.


Established in 2006, Nova Caravans was founded by Robert Cataldo after working in the caravan industry since 1981. Robert had a dream to create his own brand of luxury touring caravans showcasing his unique personal flavour with a distinct European twist and resilient enough to overcome the rough Australian environment. Nova Caravans has since emerged as a market leader in both style and innovation.

Since 2006, Nova Caravans has been continuously challenged to keep up with a rapidly growing demand for their caravans. In 2007 Nova outgrew their small factory in Rex Rd, Campbellfield having to relocate an additional two more times until it was decided that in order to meet their ever- growing consumer demand, a purpose built facility would be necessary. In 2013, ‘Metrolink House’ was opened as a state- of-the-art Caravan Manufacturing facility, housing over 80 staff and producing in excess of over 10 caravans per week.

Since 2006, the many challenges Nova Caravans has faced, the emergence of new technologies, the impact on the environment and a diverse array of other influences have shaped who Nova Caravans is today, not only as a company but as a family.
In 2017 and 2018 Nova Caravans has been the recipient of the CTIAV Caravan and RV Manufacturer of the Year Award while in 2016 and 2019 has been recognised as a finalist for this prestigious award. This award certifies the excellence achieved within the Victorian Caravan and Camping Industry and it motivates us to continue improving and delivering outstanding products and services.