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The Nova Pro-AI and Pro-Plus Fibreglass Walls offer a strong and lightweight structure with exceptional insulation properties to protect you from the elements, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

These walls are extremely durable, will not age or discolour over time and deliver a sleek finish with a smooth and easy to maintain surface.
The one-piece construction eliminates external joints and reduces the opportunity for water ingress making them moist resistant.
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Benefits of the Nova Pro-Al, Pro Plus Construction walls & one piece roof –

The overall frameless construction is designed to offer a strong and lightweight structure.  The use of one-piece walls and fibreglass roof is intended to minimize water ingress. Nova Pro Al Walls – Standard on Metrolink, Bravo, Family Escape Models

Each panel is comprised of an outer skin of aluminium, a core of structural foam, and an inner layer of ply.

Nova Pro Plus Fibreglass Walls – Standard on Terra Sportz or an Upgrade on Bravo and Family Escape Models

Full composite construction is an advanced method of frameless caravan construction. The process entails bonding 3 layers of different materials together to form structural panels for the floor, walls and roof. This material is sometimes referred to as a sandwich panel due to its two outer layers and one inner layer, just like a sandwich. For years, this cutting-edge material has been commonly used to build some of the toughest vehicles, such as, trucks, trains, trams and planes. Resulting in a caravan that’s stronger, lighter and better insulated.

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