Nova Caravans are proud to offer our customers a 3 Year Warranty on all parts and components that are manufactured by Nova.  All other parts, components or accessories fitted by Nova to the caravan come under the warranty of our external stakeholders.



At the point of the ‘handover’ the customer must become fully acquainted with their caravan to help eliminate unnecessary warranty claims.

Warranty claims will not be recognised unless a ‘Warranty Registration Form’ has been lodged to Nova’s warranty department. Before any work can be commenced, approval must be gained from Nova. Please be advised that only authorised dealers and/or service agents can be used for any warranty work.

Accessories supplied and/or fitted after-market will not form part of the Nova Caravan warranty.

The customer’s first point of call when making a claim must be the dealership from which the van was purchased. The dealership will then liaise with the factory in relation to having work carried out.

The Nova warranty will become null and void if it is deemed to be abuse, misuse or careless and negligent action that has lead to the alleged fault with the van.

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